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Get Connected

Receive a massage and be moved towards greater freedom, less pain, less stress, and new awareness. The therapeutic bodywork I offer reconnects and supports your current needs. Whether  you are recovering from an accident, injury, or getting a grasp on long standing patterns, you will leave feeling transformed. 

 Find Freedom 

Enjoy a new experience in health and travel on one of my highly acclaimed adventure retreats. These retreats are created to  give you the space, freedom, and courage to travel both inside and out.  They are unforgettable itineraries in world renowned locations that let you explore vibrant cultures, personal rejuvenation, connection with wonderful nature and people, and  lots of fun. 

Feel Alive!


Warmest Wishes towards being your most Alive!

                                                                          - Amity


5939 SE Belmont St. Suite D 
Portland, OR 97215
Book your next massage at my SE location in the heart of the Mt. Tabor District. Specializing in Therapeutics, Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery, Table and Thai Massage.
Ample parking with post massage stroll options to parks and enjoyment in one of
Portland's SE destination zones.

Amity Mead is one of the most talented yoga teachers, adventure guide, and massage therapists that I've ever known. Experiencing an adventure vacation in Thailand, or yoga retreat in Mexico with Amity, is a once-in-a-lifetime treat. She makes every moment exquisite, interesting and educational. I've always walked away from experiences with Amity, somehow Transformed. I can't wait to enjoy my next adventure vacation and yoga retreat with her. 

Michelle Gysan


I've been seeing Amity for over a year and all of the staff in SE Portland are very kind. Amity in particular has been the healing savior to my busted body. I've had three surgeries in the last  two years and she has been incredibly intuitive to my body/muscle changes that need adjustments. She is always in tune and listens like no other massage therapist I've dealt with in the past. You are the best Amity!! Thank you

Chris Petrewsky 


What an utter privilege it was to spend a week with Amity as our host at Playa Viva Retreat in Mexico. As a yoga instructor Amity was intuitive and responsive to the daily changes of the class make up. Her classes were challenging and engaging, and enhanced by enchanting musical accompaniment. What a combination! Without a doubt Amity's Thai massage was the best massage I have ever had. EVER!!!

As a crazy busy full-time working mother of 4 young children I was seeking a week of relaxation and fun for my get-away in Mexico. What I could never have imagined is how truly restorative and special the experience that Amity was able to create for her guests. Indeed, I am counting down the days until we can do it again! 

Elissa Kline-Beber

I have been working with Amity for about a year now. I am a massage therapist myself and I can't tell you how difficult it is to find a therapist that truly understands not only the musculature but the energetic piece as well. Amity has a wonderfully grounding presence and knows precisely how to hold space for her clients. I especially enjoy all of the Thai techniques and stretches she incorporates into her sessions. I am a runner and I used to play competitive basketball so the way she works with my legs and low back have been a saving grace! The other wonderful quality about Amity is that every session is different. Sometimes therapists can get into a "routine." Amity tailors each session. I have learned so much from her. She is a truly dynamic practitioner and I would HIGHLY recommend her. I love her work and she inspires me to continually want to grow and learn more within my own practice . So grateful to have met her.

Ruby E.

I have had the pleasure of experiencing yoga with Amity over several retreats to Mexico and Thailand. Amity is one of my all time favorite yoga teachers. She is a fabulous yogini who is always so present with her loving and healing energy. I love her long classes which give you a fantastic workout and then the restoratively long savasana. I am hoping to have some Amity yoga time this coming year!

Dr. Valerie Girard

I've experienced many different massage styles and Amity's connected most to what my body needed. She used a variety of techniques that helped me feel a transformation from before I entered the massage. I went from feeling tight and stressed to feeling relaxed and free. Treat yourself and go to Amity for a massage.

Nate Schlingmann

                           November 2024!
fire lanterns, Thailand,yoga,retreats,massage,wellness adventure
Thailand, massage, yoga, retreats,wellness adventures
Thailand, retreats, yoga, massage, wellness adventures

Our early bird special deadline is approaching soon. Reserve your spot before March 1st for our trip this Fall!

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