I have been a licensed and practicing massage therapist for the past twelve years. My style is frequently described as deep and transformative. I'm influenced by the manual and energetic therapeutic practices of  many cultures. Swedish, Deep Tissue, Structural Integration, Thai, Connective Tissue Therapy, Trigger Point, Yogic Stretching, and Hawaiian Lomi- Lomi are a few of my favorites. With well over a thousand hours of study in massage and a never-ending fascination for healing, my sessions dig in to your current concerns  with presence for results that are highly effective.



Table Massage: For relaxation, rehabilitation, or therapeutic concerns I offer massage that combines techniques from Deep Tissue, Connective Tissue, Stretching, Trigger Point,  and Structural Integration work to create a massage to meet your specific needs.


Thai Massage: Thai massage is a unique and powerful modality that helps to open up the energy channels and release obstructions within the body. It is a dynamic style that helps to relieve tension, stretch and mobilize joints, promote circulation and relaxation, while addressing the body therapeutically for your specific concerns. It is great for active people who desire staying flexible. It is performed on a mat on the floor in comfortable clothing. 


Thailand Wellness Adventures Oct.30th-Nov.13th,2020      postponed
​Join Yoga Instructors and Thai Massage Therapists

Natalie Ritenour and Amity Mead in paradise for an

all inclusive trip of a lifetime  to Chiang Mai, Chiang Dao, and Pai, Thailand! This will be their 10 year anniversary of hosting this incredible trip! Enjoy the amazing fire lantern festival of Loi Khratong.  Experience what Thai culture has to offer as a gateway to wellness.  Receive six unique Thai massage treatments (one every other day!) to have you feeling your most vibrant.  Connect with wonderful people for an unforgettable experience in the golden wellness capital of Asia.

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Yoga is a practice that helps us connect more fully with ourselves to become aware of our thoughts and bodies, create balance, strength, and focus. It brings into balance our inner and outer worlds.  Yogic practices are often related with physical flexibility while they also help us to dive into mental and emotional flexibility.  I have  been teaching yoga since 2007. My classes range in style and intend to cultivate balance, focus, strength, awareness, fluidity, and inner calm.

Currently I teach publicly during my retreats and offer one on one private classes.